True Stillness


The idea of stillness is misunderstood by many, if not by all who walk a path of meditative inquiry.  Concepts and ideas such as stilling the mind are not concepts that can be understood by the mind.  These practices and meditative poinitngs are not for the mind or the functioning that still perceives itself as separated from the universal oneness, but are methods for our true being to remember its true place.  For as long as we are still blindly following the constant call of our ego mind, our true place will not be discovered.  The feeling that somehow the Truth of our being is other than where we are now will continue to be enforced.   Continue reading “True Stillness”


Remember who you are

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Is it enough to merely remember that our true nature is already one with “That?”

Although this sounds good, it is actually just another conceptual trap.  You cannot “remember” what you are in the usual way that those words are used, you can only remember to be something that you are not.  Only someone who feels that they are not already a good doctor will try to convince themselves that they are.  But this “remembering” is still rooted in the belief that they are not already that which they are trying to remember.

So, what begins to happen is you will reinforce the belief (false albeit) that you are not already “That.” Continue reading “Remember who you are”

The Paradox of Seeking


It is commonly stated that the seeking itself is the blockage to true realization, yet if one didn’t begin seeking for truth one would have remained in ignorance for one’s whole life?  So can it truly be said that the seeking is what is in the way?

A doctor writes out a prescription depending of the condition on the patient.  After being with his patient for some times, the doctor would have gathered what would be the best course of action for his patient to fully recover.  Two people having the same condition,would not necessarily benefit from the same prescription.

The danger comes when someone overhears a prescription given by a doctor and then turns that prescription into the an Absolute law that must be applied to everyone regardless of the conditions they are having.  Sadly, this is the nature of the modern spiritual world.  So many are simply going off of what they have heard someone else say is the best course of action, and are simply trying to feed that information to anyone willing to listen as the only way to true freedom.   Continue reading “The Paradox of Seeking”

True Humility


To state what you are, to state authoritatively that “I Am That” is so often perceived as arrogance.

“How can you say that you are God, such arrogance”

is a common reply to one who affirms the Truth of what they are. Yet, true arrogance belongs to the one who still carries within them the idea that they can exist apart from God.

For how can you be so arrogant to think that you can exist independently from God? Continue reading “True Humility”

The Cosmic Lineage

maxresdefaultWhat religion do you practice?  What tradition are you from?  Do you belong to an order? Are you a monk?

These questions constantly are thrown my way.  The mainstream’s need to fit into a set system of ideas that which they do not yet fully understand.

How can “I” belong to anything when “I” do not exist. There can be no religion, no tradition, no order, no monk hood for “me.”  I do not require anything or anyone to give “me” authority.  “My” authority comes from no where. Hence it permeates the entire cosmos. Continue reading “The Cosmic Lineage”

That “I Am”

photo_23What are you?

I do not know what I am, but I know what I am not

What are you not?

I am not that which thinks I am

I am the “I am”, and also the witness of this “I am”

Birth and Death, coming and going, all happen in my presence

I live amidst the world, yet I am free from the world

I live within the realm of thoughts and emotions, yet I am free from thoughts and emotions

Continue reading “That “I Am””