The Cosmic Lineage

maxresdefaultWhat religion do you practice?  What tradition are you from?  Do you belong to an order? Are you a monk?

These questions constantly are thrown my way.  The mainstream’s need to fit into a set system of ideas that which they do not yet fully understand.

How can “I” belong to anything when “I” do not exist. There can be no religion, no tradition, no order, no monk hood for “me.”  I do not require anything or anyone to give “me” authority.  “My” authority comes from no where. Hence it permeates the entire cosmos.

“I Am” simply what “I Am”

“My” lineage is no lineage. The source of all earthly lineages is what is at work here.  When one enters fully into the pure stillness that Is this very moment, Is this very being itself, this cosmic lineage reveals itself to you.

When one is ready to release all that is false within themselves and to allow themselves to be burnt away by the pure fire of Silence, a “Cosmic initiation” will take place.  This “Initiation” will not give you anything.  This “Initiation” won’t even “Be” anything.   Simply all that is unreal will fall away.  Simply all that is not “you” will fall away.


No one can give you anything.

For there is nothing you do not already have.

No teaching is needed

No mantra is needed

No practice is needed

For you to be what you already are.

That which you currently take yourself to be




Is Not what you are.

No need to believe me.  

No need to believe anything at all.

In a true moment of Stillness simply allow everything to stop.

Simply allow everything to settle.

No Past

No Future

No present.

Just Here

Just Now.

Any ideas you may have

Be it about Enlightenment

About Delusion

Is simply that, an idea.

You are not an idea.

You are not “anything” at all.

To state what you are is to speak untruth.

To state what you are not is also to speak untruth.   

Ideas such as being and non- being do not apply.

Concepts such as what you are and what you are not do not apply.

Words and ideas cannot follow you into this place.

This invitation is open and available to all.

This is your lineage.

This is your bloodline.

 Whether or not this is accepted

or rejected,

Is a choice that is solely up to you. 



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