True Humility


To state what you are, to state authoritatively that “I Am That” is so often perceived as arrogance.

“How can you say that you are God, such arrogance”

is a common reply to one who affirms the Truth of what they are. Yet, true arrogance belongs to the one who still carries within them the idea that they can exist apart from God.

For how can you be so arrogant to think that you can exist independently from God?

These are all tricks of the ego-mind. To take a statement of true humility; “I Am That” and interpret it as arrogance, while taking a statement of true arrogance, “I am not That” and interpret it as humility is a trap that many have fallen victim to.

False humility is one of the most poisonous of all the venomous traps the ego-mind has for the being. For it will infects a sincere “seeker” and will hold them back as soon as this venom is ingested.

To still carry the notion that “I am not That” is true arrogance for it is still resting on the belief that there is an “I” that can somehow exist in separation from “That.” This is the poison of the ego. That it tries to divide itself from God and then create a false sense of spirituality that will one day allow for a moment to reunite with “God.”

Yet, this will never occur. For the very sense of “I” will always keep the being in a state of delusion. This is the fall from grace, the serpent’s voice. There can never be an “I” that reunites with “God.” The intuitive understanding of this is the “reuniting.”

Never was, and never will there be a moment when “That”is not. What you currently take yourself to be is simply a shadow, simply a collection of thoughts, nothing more. Only “That.” is. “You” are merely a ripple in the vast ocean of “Thusness.”



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