The Paradox of Seeking


It is commonly stated that the seeking itself is the blockage to true realization, yet if one didn’t begin seeking for truth one would have remained in ignorance for one’s whole life?  So can it truly be said that the seeking is what is in the way?

A doctor writes out a prescription depending of the condition on the patient.  After being with his patient for some times, the doctor would have gathered what would be the best course of action for his patient to fully recover.  Two people having the same condition,would not necessarily benefit from the same prescription.

The danger comes when someone overhears a prescription given by a doctor and then turns that prescription into the an Absolute law that must be applied to everyone regardless of the conditions they are having.  Sadly, this is the nature of the modern spiritual world.  So many are simply going off of what they have heard someone else say is the best course of action, and are simply trying to feed that information to anyone willing to listen as the only way to true freedom.  

This can be gathered solely by seeing just how many spiritual groups exist that all carry with them the fragrance of,

“this is the best and fastest way to freedom.”  

Those who say and hold in their hearts that such a statement are true have not seen via direct living experience the truth for themselves; they have merely fallen into doctrinal belief.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to conscious expansion  This needs to be understood to better grasp where such questions are coming from, for many hold such questions and doubts in their minds when it comes to the spiritual path.

Seeking is not something that can be consciously dropped.  The dropping of the seeking is an organic process that simply arises out of the spiritual search.  It cannot be something that one is consciously trying to attained otherwise what is actually happening is that one is now seeking to drop seeking.

In the same way that one cannot consciously force oneself to fall asleep, for all that would happen is that one will simply stay awake instead of simply surrendering and allowing sleep to engulf the being is the same way the seeking for unification will by itself fall away.

If it needs to.

Maybe for some, it does not need to.

The reason it is often said that seeking is the block towards true unification with the Absolute, is simply because the sheer lack of sincere seekers who are seeking to unify with the Absolute.  One cannot bring into the search for complete unification any sense of personal gratification and fulfillment for the false sense of identification.  It is because so many are seeking enlightenment to feel good about themselves, that seeking for enlightenment will become a hindrance.  For as long as one’s sense of identity is still stabilized within the false layers of identification,seeking itself may become a blockage.

For anyone who is walking a spiritual path, the reason why you have taken up the path in the first place needs to be clearly understood.  If this is not understood, one can spend years and years simply going around in circles for you have not clarified for yourself any real sense of direction.  Simply going with the non-dual philosophical view that there is no goal in the spiritual path because Truth is right here, right now will not actually benefit you for the simple reason that these statements need to be realized, not merely believed.

A statement that has not arisen out of one’s direct experience, even if it is the absolute truth, will be untrue for you.  For if it was the case that by simply having an intellectual understanding that the Truth of who and what you are is what is present exactly where you are, than everyone on the spiritual journey would have already reached full unification with the “Absolute Universal Divine Principle.”

Being that this is not the case, one must begin to discern which aspect of the mainstream philosophy about the spiritual search is actually going to be beneficial.  Seeking is an intricate aspect of the spiritual search for if it was not for this inner sense to seek beyond what has been presented as the truth, spiritual unification would have simply become an evolutionary anomaly as opposed to the birthright of every sentient life  form across time and space.

There are times when a being comes to the full recognition of who and what they are  spontaneously and with no prior seeking, and it is these beings (and those who follow the tradition of these beings) who say that seeking is a blockage.  Yet, what needs to be understood is that it is only for these beings that seeking seems to be a blockage for the simple reason that seeking did not play a role in their conscious expansion.

But, unless one has had a spontaneous full recognition of who and what they are outside of any and all seeking, the seeking aspect of the path has a vital role to play.  Those who wish to hurry up and become fully enlightened are not actually interested in the expansion of the consciousness and are only interested in escaping from life.  Which is also fine.  There is no right and wrong aspect to any part of the path.

Which is why clarifying for oneself why one is taking up a spiritual pursuit in the first place is of vital importance.  In fact, unless one has in their mind a clear reason for why they are practicing at all, their growth and expansion will only be minimal.  What needs to be first created is a clear starting point and end point.  Only then can an effective path to cross from one point to another will become clear.

It is also important that one simply does not go by the philosophy that states that the starting point and endpoint are identical, as commonly presented, because unless that is experienced as one’s living truth what will happen is one will have a clear starting and end point.  A goal will form in the mind whereas right now “I” am trying to reach a state where “I” will discover via first hand experience that my starting point and endpoint are identical.  Trying to traverse the spiritual plane to try and prove someone else’s philosophy is merely a waste of time.

The question that needs to be look at is;

“What do I want out of this path?”  

There is no shame in such a question.  It can appear that trying to do anything along the path that has a sense of “I” in it is against the path.  Yet, this mentality is simply incorrect.  The path starts exactly where you are in this very moment.  And for most (if not all) the path starts with our sense of “I.”  “I” wants to discover the truth of what it truly is.

That is the starting point.  Being that there are so many books and teachings out there that speak that the “I” is unreal and that there is no “one” present, has made a lot of seekers go along the path with the idea that their “I” is unreal from the very beginning.  If one is simply carrying the idea that one’s sense of “I” is unreal from the start then one cannot discover for themselves whether or not this is true being that one has already accepted someone else’s view.

There may come a point where seeking itself will fall away, but this cannot become a goal.  If it happen, fine.  If it does not, fine.  What needs to be established, for those who wish to truly unify with the “Absolute Universal Divine Principle” is this; “What is this ‘I’?” When searching for the source of this answer is the main driving force, then questions like these will not matter.  For one will know for themselves when they have gotten their answer.  Simply going by what others have said will not be enough.

This journey is a lone journey.  No matter how enlightened someone may be, they are not able to walk this path for you.  Not even God Himself is able to walk the path for you.  This path is not about belief, it is not about fitting into a community.  It is about discovering the truth of who and what you are.




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