Remember who you are

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Is it enough to merely remember that our true nature is already one with “That?”

Although this sounds good, it is actually just another conceptual trap.  You cannot “remember” what you are in the usual way that those words are used, you can only remember to be something that you are not.  Only someone who feels that they are not already a good doctor will try to convince themselves that they are.  But this “remembering” is still rooted in the belief that they are not already that which they are trying to remember.

So, what begins to happen is you will reinforce the belief (false albeit) that you are not already “That.”

You do not need to remember that you are the Self.  That you are already.  If the need to remember is still there, you need to see and root out that which is still believing in the opposite.  There is no distance between what you currently take yourself to be and “That.”  The sense of distance, the sense of having to do something to get there is the delusion itself.  For it is not true.  You can never become the Self.  You can never go from being “not the Self” to “The Self” as if it is some kind of achievement handed out by the universe after many hard years of meditation.

Paradoxically, for some, it might take many years of meditation.  Not because it is a requirement, but solely for the reason that the false sense of identity refuses to go.  So many still believe that their current sense of “I” which is seeking the Self is the same “I” that will find it.  And this is a fundamental misconception.  You, as you are now, will never discover the Self.  For you,as you are now, do not exist.  What you currently take yourself to be is merely a conglomerate of thoughts and experiences.  Yet, what is behind all of it, what has been present since time immemorial and is present even here even now is “That.”

“That” which you are looking for is not something you can find, instead when the you who is looking is gone,

“That” is all that remains.



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