True Stillness


The idea of stillness is misunderstood by many, if not by all who walk a path of meditative inquiry.  Concepts and ideas such as stilling the mind are not concepts that can be understood by the mind.  These practices and meditative poinitngs are not for the mind or the functioning that still perceives itself as separated from the universal oneness, but are methods for our true being to remember its true place.  For as long as we are still blindly following the constant call of our ego mind, our true place will not be discovered.  The feeling that somehow the Truth of our being is other than where we are now will continue to be enforced.  

Silence and stillness in meditation is not referring to an absence of noise or even a physical stillness, but is referring to an absence of self.  For as long as the sense of “I” is still present, one can never know real stillness.

For what in nature is still?  Is there one thing in Nature, is there one thing within the realm of our Divine Mother in Her expression as Mother Nature that is still?  Everything is in constant motion.  From vast galaxies infinitely distant to our current world to the rhythmic and cyclical flow of our blood. To still life in a literal sense is to destroy it.

It is not about being physically still, it is not about trying to force the life force to behave in one way as oppose to another.    It is simply a recognition of what is already here.  It is simply a discovery of who and what you truly are.  In this space of Divine realization, the  ego mind no longer functions, for in this space there is no room to house him.

Touch this space, and fall into the true silence that sits within the core of us all.



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