The Oneness of Life

14804873_10209751087001379_305927038_nIt is commonly said that everything is one and duality itself is an illusion.  Is there any validity to such a view, are we all one?

What first needs to be understood is exactly what one means when one speaks such ideas.  For if this is not understood one can all too easily confuse oneself by taking up beliefs and concepts literally when in actuality they were meant to represent something operating on a much subtler level.  The idea of oneness is to represents our inherent substance-essence.  Our essence is one and the same, whether we are looking at another human or a rock, all animate and inanimate object throughout space and time all share in the same substance as the totality itself.  Yet, sharing in the same substance as the totality itself does not equate with being identical to the totality in the sense that our individuality no longer exists. Continue reading “The Oneness of Life”


Who am I?

14804831_10209751087801399_1007770220_nThe question “Who am I?” has become a very important and frequently used method for meditation.  Can this question actually be answered, or is it simply a meditative tool?  

The question “Who am I?” is not meant to be answered in the typical way we think of questions.  This question is designed to help us see through the false layers of identification the being is currently under the influence of.  One can never answer this question, one is the answer to this question.  The point of the question is to help the being recognize its true place, that is all.  Yet, sadly so many are using this question as a mantra.  Simply repeating the question as if by doing so the answer will magically sprout up.  It does not work this way.  The question “Who am I?” only arises once in the spiritual journey.  Right at the beginning. Continue reading “Who am I?”

True Understanding

14804709_10209761498141651_950570366_nIf everything is truly one and of the same nature as God, why do we need to do anything at all?  

Having an intellectual understanding that everything is of the same essence as God, does not mean that one has understood experientially that this is true.  In the same way that having an understanding that water is wet does not translate to having the experience of wetness.  In actuality, until one has actually allow oneself to engage with the element of water, one cannot truly be said to have an understanding of what wetness is.  The understanding prior to the experience is meaningless. Continue reading “True Understanding”

The Missing Buddhas

14800802_10209751128682421_806907563_nWhere are all the Buddhas?  

It would seem that with the countless number of beings who are sincerely engaging in some sort of a spiritual discipline in order to fully unite with God (or with whatever term they may be using to describe for themselves that Absolute state beyond all words, concepts and ideas) that this world would, especially in this day and age, be filled with fully enlightened beings.  Not simply beings who are well versed in spiritual scriptures, not simply beings who are skilled in the art of meditative practices and theory, but beings whose every cell and pore throughout their entire body is identical with that Absolute principle that many throughout the ages can only refer to as God.  Every few generations there appears on Earth a being whose entire essence carries with it the Divine Fragrance. Continue reading “The Missing Buddhas”

Mystical Experiences

desert_hdr_by_signarkp-d321p52Many report having mystical and esoteric experiences while on the path.  Are mystical experiences important to have along the path?  

The only reason why mystical experiences are deemed important or are sought after along the path towards conscious expansion is simply because they are different from our usual day to day experiences.  In the absolute sense whether an experience is considered mystical or ordinary has nothing to do with the experience itself, solely our relationship to it.  A hundred years ago, the idea of being able to communicate with someone living on the other side of the planet through a handheld device in real time would have been the definition of a mystical experiences to those living in that time.  Whereas nowadays, such an experience is so common it is nearly taken for granted.  Mystical experiences are neither important nor unimportant along the path towards conscious expansion.  They are simply experiences.  As one is allowing the being to see more and more clearly through false levels of identification, one is opening oneself up to experience subtler and subtler planes of existence.   Continue reading “Mystical Experiences”

True Questioning

blue-zenkoan-1For anyone to be able to say that an answer to a question is incorrect, there must already be in the person’s mind a spectrum of possible answers that are considered to be ‘correct’ and a spectrum of possible answers that are considered to be ‘incorrect.  If, as a response to a question, someone answers within the spectrum of possible ‘correct’ answers that person is considered to be knowledgeable in the subject.  Whereas if their answers falls within the spectrum of possible ‘incorrect’ answers, that person is considered to be not knowledgeable in the subject.  Herein lies the danger within the spiritual world, for so many are simply allowing themselves to be attracted to those teachers and teachings that aligned themselves to the seeker’s already established list of ‘correct’ spiritual answers.  Many rate a person’s level of spiritual maturity based on how many answers align with their spectrum of possible correct answers.  Those whose answers fall on the ‘incorrect’ answer spectrum are considered spiritually immature.     Continue reading “True Questioning”

One with God

8f41e7a6b37bc7fb05eb180460611afdIs one who has become enlightened the same as “God?”

Every person you ask shall give a different meaning to what this word “God” means.  There are as many meanings to the word as there are people living on this planet.  Yet, it makes sense why such a question shall arise.  When looking at the vast literature on the subject of spiritual awakening it has been common for those who have reached a state of complete unification with the “Absolute Universal Divine Principle” to be called by certain titles such as, “Bhagavan,” (meaning God) “Lord,” “Master,” etc.   Yet, it was not the enlightened being themselves calling themselves by these titles, for a truly realized being has no need for such titles, it was the devotees of these masters who have decided to elevate them and hold them as incarnated deities.   Continue reading “One with God”

A Gate that does not exist

6_sumeru_photo_story_01We hear constantly that there is no “I.”

That we are already what we seek. Yet, although we hear this endless times, although this is the message of all the Masters since the beginning of time, so many do not “get it.”

We do not “get it” because we have placed before ourselves a gate. A gate that does not exist. “The Gate-less Gate.”

The seeming obstacle to this realization of our “True Self” is simply this: a single thought.

Nothing more. Just one thought.

Continue reading “A Gate that does not exist”

Freedom from desires

maxresdefaultIf I desire to eliminate all desires, then there is a remaining desire. So, now I must have a new desire to eliminate that desire. Thus, it seems that this goal is unattainable. Is there anything that can be done?

The very one who is asking this question, that one must go.

For that voice is not true. The question itself reeks of the mind, reeks of ‘ego’ for the one who is asking the question is the very one who does not want this question answered. For to “answer” this question is “death” to the questioner itself. Desire can only be there when a sense of individual “I” is still pulsating within the being. There can exist no desire apart from this sense of individual “I.” Allowing oneself to become trapped within the realm of endless philosophical questions and speculation, although useful at times, is the trap of the very mind one is trying to free oneself from. For the “being” is not asking these questions for these questions do not apply to “IT.”

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Looking beyond the words

meteorgalaxyQuestioner:  I would like to ask you something in regards to this quote

Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent. ~Sri Ramana Maharshi

The fact is, if we are enlightened then we see the reality as pure being, beyond ideas of ‘the world.’   We just are and nothing is suppose to be happening right!?  Also, all the happenings are actually of the mind so what does that quote mean – that everything is predetermined even if it doesn’t mean anything in the end!?   I’m not sure if I understand so if you could give me your thoughts about it that would be grand!

Agnisattva:  That quote from the Great Sage Sri Ramana Maharshi is simply a collection of words, a mere conglomeration of sounds that are in themselves meaningless. All meaning given to those words are superimposed by our human understanding. Continue reading “Looking beyond the words”