The Cellular Satsang

560870_4313914493537_714055100_nQuestioner:  Brother, I feel more lost and alone than ever now. I’m ready to check myself in to the psyche ward. What is real? Who am I? I’m caught in a dream, a hell from which I can’t awaken from. I’m afraid. You are the only one who speaks the truth. Please Guru, help me! 

Agnisattva:  Anything, absolutely anything thrown your way by the mind can be discarded for it is untrue. “I’m caught in a dream, a hell from which I can’t awaken from. I’m afraid.”  The very language itself shows your way to freedom.  There is an awareness of all these states hence these things are Not happening to ‘You.’  They are simply the mind’s play.  They happen in your presence.  Recognize that any feeling is merely a thought concept.  To stay with the pure un-defiled sense of “I Am” is to recognize your true place.  The mind has power because we give it power.  Once that is seen,  there is nothing more the mind can threaten us with.

Questioner:  Yet, no matter how many times I am told that I am not the body, nor the mind, ego, etc., I still fall into the trap.

Agnisattva:  ‘You’ do not fall into any trap.  The very notion of falling into a trap and coming out of a trap is the trap itself.   The mind will trick you.  “See , you fell in again”  but this voice isn’t true.

Questioner:  Then I have no choice but to find out what, or who Is true….but I’m afraid of dying before I realize….

Agnisattva:  Then waste no more time listening to that mental voice.

Questioner:  That simple?

Agnisattva:  Simple and difficult do not apply to ‘It.’ How simple or difficult is it for one’s reflection to appear on a mirror?  Simple and difficult are the language of the mind.  If we turn to the mind; bondage.  Then why continue going down that road?

Questioner:  No mind, no problem then. It sounds so simple. Too simple. For how can the truth of my own Being be reached without any practice, any meditation, mantra, etc. … All I know is from others experiences. Yet I do experience this Silence from time to time, but it’s so intense I run away from It.

Agnisattva:  Meditation or the repetition of mantras do help in allowing the being enough inner space to recognize it’s true place,  yet these practices do not bestow the ‘Truth.’  For everything is already ‘That.’  Saying “no practice is needed” or “without practice you can’t get anywhere” are both traps.   The ‘Silence’ is here even now.  But that which is destroyed by this ‘Silence’ is what wishes to run. The mind cannot go there.  And as long as identity with the mind is still present, this ‘Silence’ will be terrifying.  But only that which is unreal is afraid.

Questioner:  Thank you. Namaste. Peace be with you, always. 



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