True Knowing

amazing-night-view-from-the-mountain“The only thing I know is that I know nothing” is a famous quote often used to point out the state of perfect realization as a state of “not-knowing.” Yet, what exactly is meant by this?

Knowledge does not belong to the one who is paradoxically called a “knower of truth.”  Knowledge belongs solely to those who have yet to see via direct experience that they themselves are the ultimate expression of perfect Truth exactly as they already are.  Life does not posses any knowledge.  The universe is not intelligent.  It is intelligence itself.  What needs to be understood is that knowledge is not original to your being.  No one is born with spiritual knowledge.  No one comes into this world fully equipped with concepts and definitions that are so often found in spiritual texts.

All of this is acquired.  And anything acquired is not Truth.  Anything we learn, anything we come to understand is not truth for the simple reason that they were added to our being.  We are not here to add-on to ourselves.  We are here to remove ourselves.  You must discover who knowledge belongs to otherwise you will simply spend your life collecting facts and information and never come to the true recognition of who and what you are.

You need not understand anything to be free.  You need not be in possession of “spiritual information.”  For information can only be there in the presence of an individual sense of “I.”  Outside of this “I” there can be no information.  A Master does not give information, a spiritual teacher is not sharing knowledge.  What they are doing is poisoning the very “I” that is seeking knowledge.   This is the reason that almost all spiritual texts where a Master is sharing a “teaching” is presented in the form of questions and answers.  The Master has nothing to share.  Their being itself is enough.  Their mere presence, their mere existence is enough of a teaching, but so few understand this.  So few can truly understand when a Master “shares” in silence that they are forced to muddy the “Truth” by bringing it down to the level of words.

When a Master is answering your questions, it must be understood that they are not sharing “Truth” with you.  They are in actuality “simplifying” it in the hopes to get you to recognize their true “teaching.”  One student may come up to a Master and ask a question and receive one answer.  The next day another student may ask the exact same question and receive a completely different response.  These apparent contradictions have caused so much schisms in the world of religion because so few truly understood what was taking place.

The Master does not answer your questions.  The Master answers you.

The Master is not interested in answering questions.  Their only interest is in destroying the questioner itself.  For no matter what answers are given.  Whether they are scholarly, practical, or philosophically profound is irrelevant as long as the questioner remains.  For if this questioner remains, for every answer given hundreds of more questions will arise.

It will never end.

One who is free from knowledge will understand that they know nothing.  Their sense of being, their “I Am” does not attach itself to external information.  Their “I Am” does not attach itself to anything at all not even the thought “I know nothing.”

Do not pay to much attention to the questions that arise in you, instead focus your attention on catching hold of the questioner itself.  For once this one is seen through, there is nothing you will not be able to “know.”



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