True Freedom

3544_the-world-in-a-drop-of-water-supported-by-a-leafWe say we want to wake up.  We say that we wish to discover who and what we truly are.  Yet, when presented with an opportunity to go beyond mere ego mind identification we run away.  We continually run away from that very thing we say we are looking for.  We do this because what we say we are looking for is not what we want.  You will not discover Truth.  Truth is not something that can be discovered.  What does happen is that everything you currently take yourself to be will be destroyed.  Your sense of identity, your sense of purpose, your sense of even seeking for Truth will all be burned away.

There is nothing left for us to learn.  We all have access to every mystical and esoteric knowledge ever produced at the click of a button.  It is not a question of learning.  It is not even a question of practice.  It all boils down to one thing.

Do you want to be destroyed, or do you wish to continue to live as ego-mind?

What’s important here is to be brutally honest.

Are you willing to truly let yourself go completely and allow That to replace you?

You run from meditation to meditation.  From teacher to teacher.  Not in search of Truth, but in avoidance of Truth.

For it is only when all of this is dropped that Truth shines on its own accord.  It is only when the seeker itself is seen through that Truth shines on it own accord.  Seeking out teachers and teachings is simply the mind’s way of avoiding looking inward.  Doing complex and specific meditative practices is just another method for the mind to avoid true silence. The constant movement of the seeker is what is keeping the being-ness seemingly stuck in in the dream of being merely an individual  personality.  Yet, despite this, there is and has never been a single instance when Truth was not in full operation.



This teaching was not given as some sort of mystical riddle that was only to be understood by a select few, but was presented as the living Truth of who and what you are. You have spend far too much time avoiding this.  If Truth is want you are seeking, waste no more time.



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