Looking beyond the words

meteorgalaxyQuestioner:  I would like to ask you something in regards to this quote

Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent. ~Sri Ramana Maharshi

The fact is, if we are enlightened then we see the reality as pure being, beyond ideas of ‘the world.’   We just are and nothing is suppose to be happening right!?  Also, all the happenings are actually of the mind so what does that quote mean – that everything is predetermined even if it doesn’t mean anything in the end!?   I’m not sure if I understand so if you could give me your thoughts about it that would be grand!

Agnisattva:  That quote from the Great Sage Sri Ramana Maharshi is simply a collection of words, a mere conglomeration of sounds that are in themselves meaningless. All meaning given to those words are superimposed by our human understanding.

What makes “spirituality” so difficult at times, is its attempt to put into words something that can not be put into words, being that it is the very source of words themselves. How can we speak about That which is beyond all words, concepts, and ideas by using words, concepts, and ideas? That being said; any issue of “cause and effect” any issue of “predetermination” can only apply to the body mind. Can only apply to that part that is linked to this world. We take in food, we grow. We cease to take in food we die.

“Nothing is happening” is one view. “Everything is happening” is another.

Both are true. Both are false.

Truth is beyond both of these ideas. When we do not know our true being then we may spend too much energy trying to mold the world to fit “our” view of it.

If we are fundamentally one with the totality, then “we” need nothing from it.  If the wave is one with the ocean, why (and how) would the wave want anything from the ocean?

The pointing of the quote (as all spiritual teaching is not meant to teach but simply meant to point to something beyond our current level of understanding) is that if we are still identified with our mortal coil then we miss our reality.  If we simply can allow our bodily identity to rest, we will being to enter into a new dimension of our being.


Questioner:  But I am still interested whether there is something we are suppose to do here even if we are ‘awake’?  Like, people we meet-are they here because specifically these people are suppose to be here or are they just representing a part of our being which is showing up randomly?  I’m sometimes puzzled with that.  Do we let go of all the relationships and hand them over to ‘the holy spirit’, ‘god’ or ‘universe’?   Or do we still try to make sense out of it?


Agnisattva:  Everything depends on the perspective one is looking from. But I would say, the most important thing is to discover via direct living experience the Truth of who and what one truly is.

Doing so, so many questions disappear.  They are not answered, they are simply seen for what they are.  Tricks of the mind. The ego-mind wants to be in control of the whole awakening process.  It wants to “do” awakening.  And fundamentally that is not how it works.  There is no “I” that is doing anything, there is no “I” that is not doing anything.  The “I” sense is simply no longer in the equation.

The mind throws these questions because it wants to insure that it will continue to exist once one is “awake.”  We do not need to let go of all the relationships and hand them over to ‘the holy spirit’, ‘god’ or ‘universe’ for the simple fact that everything is already in their hands (so to speak).

The true inquiry is not to focus on the questions, but to focus one’s attention on the questioner itself.  For if this questioner is not questioned the for every answered given, hundreds of more questions will appear.

We know enough.  We’ve read enough.  Truth is not something that one knows about.  Truth is something that one is.  When the attention is turned onto the questioner itself, this questioner disappears, and what remains is what has always been here.


Questioner:  Yeah I know but why do we still need to see this ‘play’ which is going on in form of other people and the world itself!? If we focus on the truth the world disappears! It should anyway, but somehow it’s still there.  Sorry maybe it’s difficult for me to explain something which one can only experience! I did experience the truth so that’s why I’m saying, but I don’t know why I still need to experience the world.  That’s the only thing.


Agnisattva:  One cannot know this, one needs to be this knowledge.  Someone once asked Sri Ramana Maharshi;

“how should we treat others?”

His response;

“There are no others.”

There is no “I” and “The World.”  It is all one movement.  It is not the world that needs to disappear, simply the false notion that somehow there is an “I” that is existing apart from it.

As long as there is still a sense of a separate individual “I” there will be an experience of a “world” as separate.  But once this understanding truly takes root and becomes another name for what you are, then the world experiences itself.


Questioner:  I agree totally and have actually experienced it first hand! Thank you so much for your insights and sharing! Much appreciated


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