Freedom from desires

maxresdefaultIf I desire to eliminate all desires, then there is a remaining desire. So, now I must have a new desire to eliminate that desire. Thus, it seems that this goal is unattainable. Is there anything that can be done?

The very one who is asking this question, that one must go.

For that voice is not true. The question itself reeks of the mind, reeks of ‘ego’ for the one who is asking the question is the very one who does not want this question answered. For to “answer” this question is “death” to the questioner itself. Desire can only be there when a sense of individual “I” is still pulsating within the being. There can exist no desire apart from this sense of individual “I.” Allowing oneself to become trapped within the realm of endless philosophical questions and speculation, although useful at times, is the trap of the very mind one is trying to free oneself from. For the “being” is not asking these questions for these questions do not apply to “IT.”

These questions arise as a way for the ‘ego mind’ to keep the “being” in a state of delusion and bondage. For these questions arise after an attempt has been made to see through the veil of false identification with the “body -mind” construct. So threatened does this system of identification become that highly philosophical questions, that from a purely logical standpoint make sense, are thrown your way to essentially distract you and hold you back.

What must be recognized is that the questioner itself is the trap. The seeker itself is the bondage. For it is this very seeker that is the false identification. To be a “seeker” is to eternally be a “seeker.” For to keep up the identification as a “seeker” is to keep an “imagine goal” away from you. You cannot be a “seeker” and “fully realized” together, for to hold on to the identification of a “seeker” is to keep yourself in a state of perpetual bondage. There comes a point when the very “seeker” itself is dropped. For this is the trap, seeking something that you already are.

The desire to be desireless is just another mental trap.

The one who is trying to be desireless must go.

Not as another desire, but as a leaping free.

Both desire, and desirelessness are simply mental concepts.

What you are is not a mental concept.

You are That before, during and after all concepts.

It is not something that is Found.

The absence of all seeking, reveals what has always been.



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