A Gate that does not exist

6_sumeru_photo_story_01We hear constantly that there is no “I.”

That we are already what we seek. Yet, although we hear this endless times, although this is the message of all the Masters since the beginning of time, so many do not “get it.”

We do not “get it” because we have placed before ourselves a gate. A gate that does not exist. “The Gate-less Gate.”

The seeming obstacle to this realization of our “True Self” is simply this: a single thought.

Nothing more. Just one thought.

The thought that “I Am.”

The thought that somehow “I” exist, and that my existence is in separation from “God.”

The thought that this “I” needs to do something to get to “God.”

Hence, it is called “The Gate-less Gate.”

This Gate does not exist, yet as long as this “I” thought is in operation this Gate is as real as any Gate.

To pass through this “Gate-less Gate” “you” must be willing to face certain questions “you” may not wish to face.

Are “you” willing to disappear?

Are “you” willing to let “yourself” go?

Are “you” willing to let go of everything that “you” have ever consider to be meaningful in “your” life.

Are “you” willing to let go of even the idea that “you” have a life?

What “you” are believing “yourself” to be is merely a thought. Nothing more.

What “you” are is not thought. What “you” are is not anything at all.

To pass through this “Gate-less Gate” everything must be left behind.

“You” “yourself” cannot pass through this Gate.

Only “God” can “pass” this “Gate.”

“You” can spend ”your” entire life in practice and never flower. All practices simply reinforce the notion that there is an “I” to practice.

“You” need only be willing to let go.

Do not bother to let go of certain things. Do not bother to clean the house and reorganize everything.

Simply light the match and stand in the center.

Let the fire consume “you.” Give “yourself” as an offering to the Sacred Flame.

Nothing will remain.

Not even the Flame will remain.

Only “That” which is untouchable will remain.

It remains because it has never left.

This nothing is “you.”

Not as “you” currently take “yourself” to be, but “you” when the thought of “I” has been extinguished.

“You” need not find “yourself” for “you” are not lost.

“You” are simply walking through Life with too much.

And it is unnecessary.

What are “you” when “you” are not?

Find out…



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