The Missing Buddhas

14800802_10209751128682421_806907563_nWhere are all the Buddhas?  

It would seem that with the countless number of beings who are sincerely engaging in some sort of a spiritual discipline in order to fully unite with God (or with whatever term they may be using to describe for themselves that Absolute state beyond all words, concepts and ideas) that this world would, especially in this day and age, be filled with fully enlightened beings.  Not simply beings who are well versed in spiritual scriptures, not simply beings who are skilled in the art of meditative practices and theory, but beings whose every cell and pore throughout their entire body is identical with that Absolute principle that many throughout the ages can only refer to as God.  Every few generations there appears on Earth a being whose entire essence carries with it the Divine Fragrance.

Yet, when ask by the many who come to these beings for assistance, for many too wish to carry this Divine Fragrance, on

How can “I” reach this state of God-realization?

the answer that is inevitably stated (for no lies can be uttered when a true inner call is sent forth) is a call that reaches the very heart of the being-ness itself;

You are That.  You are already That.  You can never be anything other than That.  You are fundamentally perfect and complete. You and God are the same thing. You and the universe are the same thing.  You are Life itself.

Yet, although this has been heard countless times, although countless of best selling books on spirituality carry this message, so few truly “get it.”  Many are able to parrot this back, and many are simply doing just that.  Saying what they feel is the “spiritual” thing to say.  Parroting only what “sounds” like it would be the correct answer, and unfortunately are getting away with it.  This is happening only because the prospect of realizing the “God state”, although on the surface is appealing and many will say that this is the only thing they want out of life, that this life is solely for inner freedom, when faced with an actual moment to shed the “ego-mind” will run away.

We run away because we do not actually want what we say we are seeking.  The proof is in the fact that many will stay as spiritual practitioners and seekers until the expiration of the body comes when the very teachings they are practicing speak to the immediacy of  “waking up” here and now.

Yet, this is not what we want, for the “I” that is seemingly seeking is the very “I” that is destroyed by the seeking itself.  The “I” that starts this journey is not the “I” that ends it.  Instead, it can be more accurately stated that this “I” is ended by the search itself.  That this “I” is replaced.  Replaced not by another “I” or some cosmic personality.  No, this “I” is simply replaced.  This “I” is simply removed.   What is happening in this search is a “cosmic death.”  To let the “ego identity” die before the expiration of the body.  Yet, we so believe that this “I” is who we are, we trick ourselves into thinking that spiritual enlightenment is for this very “I” to become enlightened.

Thousands of beings are out there meditating and engaging in some sort of spiritual discipline in the hopes that their sense of “ego identity” will one day become enlightened.  All that is actually happening is that there are thousands of practitioners out there wasting their time.  The “I” can never become enlightened.  This is why the teaching has always been;


“That” is already present.  Yet, as long as the identity is fixated on the “I” this Divine Fragrance cannot express itself.  This sense of “I” must go.  Yet, what all too often ends up happening is that this “I” sense is developed and trained to function in different ways.  We are brought up to think of “ego” as negative.  To think of “ego” as synonymous with words like arrogant or self centered.  Forgetting that “egos” can be (and often times are) gentle, loving and compassionate.  Yet, having a compassionate ego is not a sign of spiritual development.  There is no such thing as spiritual development for those who’s wish is to realize their true nature.

“Cosmic Oneness” does not develop.  “God” does not grow.  So, if too much energy is placed on trying to take a negative “ego” and trained it to become more loving and compassionate one, what often ends up happening is that this “I” will not be released.    We will not let go of this “I” because we are under the false belief that becoming a well behaved “ego” is a sure sign of spiritual progress.

Spiritual progress does not refer to the “God Principle” for there is no progress for “It.”  It is possible that during the attempt to fully release this “I” certain qualities such as anger, self-centered-ness, lust or greed will no longer surface (for these qualities can only arise in the presence of an individual “I”) but this should not be seen as an indication of any spiritual progress.  As long as this sense of “I” is still pulsating within the being the “Divine Fragrance” cannot be felt.

The search for reality is the most dangerous of all undertakings for it will destroy the world in which you live. But if your motive is love of truth and life, you need not be afraid.
~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

There is no greater mystery than this,
that we keep seeking reality though in fact we are reality.
We think that there is something hiding reality
and that this must be destroyed before reality is gained.
How ridiculous!
A day will dawn when you will laugh at all your past efforts.
That which will be the day you laugh is also here and now.
~Sri Ramana Maharshi

Where are the Buddhas?


Hiding under the false belief that one day their sense of individual “I” will become enlightened and experience “God.” 

“God” is not an experience that can be had.  Mystical experiences can be had, but these are not “God” experiences.

“God” is not an experience.  “God” is the subject itself.  One does not experience “God”, one simply allows for “God” to flower within the being itself.  One does not become enlightened.  One simply allows for that false sense of “I” to be burnt away for enlightenment to reveal itself.  The sun is not absent when clouds are present.  Yet, clouds are enough to block the Sun’s light.  The removal of clouds do not create the sun, they only revealed that the Sun was already present.

The removal of “I” does not give one the “Divine Fragrance”

it only reveals that the “Divine Fragrance” is

and always has been

exactly what you are.



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