Who am I?

14804831_10209751087801399_1007770220_nThe question “Who am I?” has become a very important and frequently used method for meditation.  Can this question actually be answered, or is it simply a meditative tool?  

The question “Who am I?” is not meant to be answered in the typical way we think of questions.  This question is designed to help us see through the false layers of identification the being is currently under the influence of.  One can never answer this question, one is the answer to this question.  The point of the question is to help the being recognize its true place, that is all.  Yet, sadly so many are using this question as a mantra.  Simply repeating the question as if by doing so the answer will magically sprout up.  It does not work this way.  The question “Who am I?” only arises once in the spiritual journey.  Right at the beginning.

When the inner fire first gets ignited and one feels a yearning to come home, will the question“Who am I?” arise.  At that point in the seeker’s life everything they have ever thought to be true is ready to be questioned.  The foundation that one has built their life upon has weakened.  From that point onward the entire journey is one’s attempt to get to the heart of that question.  For all of us feel a sense of “I” but we do not know what this “I” is.

Unfortunately, this question has been written about and discussed by so many different sources that it has lost its original purity for the simple reason that so many answers have been given;

“I am That”

“I am existence consciousness bliss”

“I am Pure Awareness”

A list such as this can go on and on with no end in sight.  Being that so many answers are given, instead of trying to discover for oneself the answer to the question, one begins their spiritual journey to try and confirm for oneself someone else’s answer.  If you are merely trying to confirm what has been written in books instead of trying to seek for yourself, even if that means going into uncharted terrain, your journey can only go so far.  The question is not about trying to discover what “I” is, but to discover what “I” is not.

Do not simply spend your time trying to see if someone else’s answer is true, but dive inward and discover it for yourself.  If it is not discovered for oneself, then you are simply engaging in religion and are not truly interested in growth.  Belief here will not cut it.  Only direct perception of the truth.  Settling for anything less than this is simply cheating yourself out of your inherent birth right.



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