To be of Service to the World

There is a lot of talk in spiritual circles about helping those less fortunate and being compassionate. Is there anything one can do to actually make a positive impact on the world.

There is indeed a lot of talk in spiritual circles on trying to help others, on making the world a better place.  There is so much on teaching love and compassion so that the world will have fewer wars, less poverty and less inequality.  And as beautiful as this is most of the people who try and engage in this type of work as a spiritual discipline are not actually helping.  Although they have the best intentions and truly wish to be of help they are not actually helping for the simple reason that they are coming at the whole situation from the wrong place.  They are coming at it from the realm of the mind, from the realm of thinking.

Thinking always comes from the past.  We do not think in the present moment.  We cannot think in the present moment because by the time our thoughts have caught up the moment we were thinking about has passed.  The present moment has no room for thinking it does not even have room for ‘you.’  To effectively be able to respond to the present moment one must be open in the heart.  The heart must be open and receptive.  It is not a mental thing, it is an intuitive thing.   One doesn’t think in the present, one responds in the present.  One feels in the present.

Until we are engaging each and every moment from the heart and not from the false sense of identity that the being has caught itself in we actually have no clue what the best course of action will be.  We may think that offering that homeless man on the street food is what he needs at least this is what the mind tells us, but for him that might be the last thing he needs.  Maybe he does not need any assistants at all.  Maybe he needs someone to yell at him and use harsh words to get him back in gear, who actually knows.  As long as we are coming at the situation from the mind nine times out of ten we will likely not give the actual help that is needed.

Why is this?  Because essentially we are still part of the problem.  Imagine if the world we lived in was a different world.  Or imagine if world war one and two never happened.  Imagine that the world history we have had was different to the degree that those two horrific wars had never came into being.  Would any of us who is alive today be here now? Of course not.  Because the causes and conditions that allowed us to come into being in this particular body and time are inseparable from the world history in which we were brought up in.

Which, unfortunately, means that it is because of the history this world has had, it is because of the horrific and completely inhumane acts that have taken place up to this point that has laid the bedrock for us to eventually come into being where and when we did.  We are not born into a world which has had a brutal history it is because of the brutal history that we have been able to come into the world.  So fundamentally, because the world is the way it is we are the way we are.  We carry with us the karmic footprint, the karmic smell of the time and place we have been born into.

Because of this anything we do to try to help the world is coming from the same vibration as the world itself.  So in essence we are simply mixing more dirty water into the pot.  Despite our best intentions as long as we still carry with us the karmic smell of this world we cannot be of any real help to anyone  not even ourselves.

We must free ourselves from the world in order to help it not before.  If you do not know how to swim you will not be able to help anyone who is drowning.  And although you may try chances are you will only make everything worse. What is most important is the start where you are.  Search for, find and truly experience your Truth then see if anything needs to be done.  For you do not know how you may help or if even your help is needed.

Your sole responsibility is to seek and fully discover the truth of who and what you are and to allow that Truth to fully penetrate the very core of your being; nothing more. Just by doing this you cannot even begin to imagine the kind of effect this will have on those around you and the world at large.  



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