Vision of a Sage

It was many moons ago, the exact date, the exact year I can no longer recall.  Yet, with such moments time truly does not factor in.  When we step into Sacred Time itself, how can our mere mortal calculation capture it?  How can that which is time bound capture that which is infinity itself?

My room, a small modest abode.  Not modest in an attempt to be humble.  Modest for lack of space to be luxurious.  

Was it a dream, or did I see it in reality?  

Such questions the mind will throw.  Yet, is not our waking world unreal for our dream family? Continue reading “Vision of a Sage”


Awareness aware of itself

Questioner:  There is objects, and also that which knows objects the awareness.  But am I even that awareness?  Seems like both objects and the seeing of objects appear ‘in’ me …

Agnisattva:  This is a beautiful insight and one that arises out of true meditative inquiry as oppose to mere philosophical speculation.

Awareness is one of our most subtle and most intimate of tools.  For wherever this awareness goes we say “I.”  When awareness touches an object we say “I have experienced such and such.”  Yet, you bring up a subtle discovery:  is not even this awareness happening in my presence?”  Am I not aware of even awareness itself?

Nothing that can be pointed to is what you are, for you are not an object that can be experienced.  To come to the true discovery of what you are will not be a discovery of one thing discovering another.  It will not be some event.  The recognition is of That eternal unspeakable presence that is Already here as you are. Continue reading “Awareness aware of itself”

Looking beyond the “I Am”

Questioner:  Hello.  I have a question in regards to this quote:

If necessary, discard the words “I Am.” Even without the words you know that ‘You are’. Do not say or even think that ‘You are’. Just be aware of the Presence without thinking about it. ~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Lately it’s been hard for me to get into the “I Am” state of being.  I’ve been there before for short periods of time but recently it’s been a little difficult to get back to that.  I feel like I’m just identified with my person identity.  

Agnisattva: The “I Am  state” is just another state.  And like any other state it arises, stays for a while and moves on.  To try and stay in the “I Am state” indefinitely is like wanting to stay in the dream state indefinitely.  What you are is That which is aware of the coming of any state and its departure.  

The feeling of being identified with the personality is being observed by That which is beyond the personality.  In moments of silence the mind will quiet down and That will shine on its own accord.   Continue reading “Looking beyond the “I Am””

God’s True Name

For what is the true name of God?  Many spiritual traditions claim to know God’s true name, and with that they claim that only their path is correct.  Yet, when we look at the idea of God having one true name, we begin to see that it no longer makes sense on various levels.   

When we give something a name, it is done for a very specific reason.  Names are used solely for the purpose of identifying and distinguishing different objects from one another.  Yet, when applied to God, how can we distinguish God from “not-God” when God is all there is?  

I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me…

~Bhagavad Gita 10:8 Continue reading “God’s True Name”

Meeting God. Meeting Myself.

Although I have seen the Divine Mother previously, there was nothing like this moment. Waiting on the queue to receive my embrace of the Divine Mother in her expression of her Devi Bhava I was struck with a terror that penetrated to my very core.

The conch shell was blown creating an atmosphere of antiquity.  No longer was I standing in a large hall, but was now occupying a space that was imbedded in Sacred Time itself.  To step out of a mundane space and enter into a Divine space without even taking a single step.  The conch shell blew on.  The chanting of vedic mantras began in front of the Holy Mother.  The words of the vedas in human form. Continue reading “Meeting God. Meeting Myself.”

True Guru

The word, “Guru” is used a lot in spiritual circles and seems to carry with it a wide array of meanings.  Some see the Guru as simply a spiritual teacher, others see the Guru as a wise friend.  Whereas there are some who see the Guru as a god that needs to worshipped.  What exactly is a Guru?

Firstly, what the term “Guru” actually means needs to be understood.  For there are many seekers out there who simply like the idea of having a guru because it has become a kind of fad in the Western world.  All the great masters of the past had gurus, so now let me myself have a guru.  It has become a very trendy thing to have in spiritual circles.  Those who simply want a guru for the sake of trying to look spiritual are not actually sincere on their journey.  And if one is not sincere no real help can be given.  Being that the majority of people engaging in spirituality, unfortunately, are insincere has caused so much confusion for the rare seeker who is sincere and is solely seeking truth for truth’s sake.  
Continue reading “True Guru”

That “I” which is trying to understand and experience Truth is what?

“You are what you are seeking.  You are the ultimate reality.  The ultimate reality is none other than you.”  Yet, when we hear these teachings, the most common response that arises within the being is; “I do not feel it.  I understand what is being said but that is not my experience.”  Or, another common response will be; “I will like to believe what is being said, so what can I do to make that so?”  Yet, what needs to be examined is the “I” that says: “it is not my experience” the “I” which says “I want to make it so” is what? Continue reading “That “I” which is trying to understand and experience Truth is what?”