True Guru

The word, “Guru” is used a lot in spiritual circles and seems to carry with it a wide array of meanings.  Some see the Guru as simply a spiritual teacher, others see the Guru as a wise friend.  Whereas there are some who see the Guru as a god that needs to worshipped.  What exactly is a Guru?

Firstly, what the term “Guru” actually means needs to be understood.  For there are many seekers out there who simply like the idea of having a guru because it has become a kind of fad in the Western world.  All the great masters of the past had gurus, so now let me myself have a guru.  It has become a very trendy thing to have in spiritual circles.  Those who simply want a guru for the sake of trying to look spiritual are not actually sincere on their journey.  And if one is not sincere no real help can be given.  Being that the majority of people engaging in spirituality, unfortunately, are insincere has caused so much confusion for the rare seeker who is sincere and is solely seeking truth for truth’s sake.  

The word “Guru” simply means; “that which removes darkness.”  The term does not carry with it any implications that it has to be a person.  A “Guru” is simply that which removes the darkness.  The guru does not even give you the light.  For light cannot be given.  The guru only removes that which is seemingly in the way of the light.  If you are walking down the street and a car starts honking its horn at you and all of sudden through the hearing of that sound you realize the truth of who and what you are, that car was the manifestation of the guru.  The guru is not a person, the guru can more accurately stated as being a principle.  That principle which removes.  When this is understood that entire structure of guru superiority can be seen as a mere fabrication that was set up so that one can continue to see oneself as unworthy of truly seeing into the depth of conscious unfoldment.

For if one is seeing the guru as possessing something that one does not currently have, the relationship between the guru and disciple will always remain on a vertical plane.  And the only way to maintain such a relationship is for the “guru” to be kept on that plane either by the disciple constantly projecting superiority onto the guru, or the guru him/herself claiming some form of superiority over the disciple.  There has never been a true case where one who saw a guru as superior  to themselves has truly gone into the depth of consciousness and truly discovered the truth of who and what they are.

The proof is in the unfortunate fact that so many attach themselves to gurus and cease to truly develop.  Many simply parrot what the guru says and teaches and do not truly use the teachings to discover for themselves the truth in the guru’s words.  Many become satisfied in simply believing in the words of their guru instead of discovering the truth of the words for themselves.  Many become satisfied in simply staying practitioners for the rest of their earthly lives.  Then, there are those who are hoping that by being next to a guru, somehow just by that interaction and proximity, the path shall be done for them.

This is only revealing that the seeker is not truly seeking for truth, but is seeking for a parental figure to take care of them.  Which is fine for some, for they are simply following the call of their heart.  Yet, for those who are seeking true realization, for those who are seeking true unification with the “Absolute Universal Divine Principle”  it is un-beneficial to hand over one’s power to an external source.  The true spiritual teacher, the true guru is a friend.  For the true teachers knows that there is nothing that can be given, there is nothing that you do not already have.

The point of having a teacher is for them to help you see through the darkness.  A true teacher is a guide, and inspiration. Their function is to be living examples of the fact that one can see through the false sense of identification.   Their function is to show that it is possible to carry the Divine fragrance.   They do not bestow this fragrance,  they simply reveal that you were always in possession of it by helping you peel back the false sense of identification.

Yet, seeing through the false sense of identification is something that needs to be taken up by each one individually, for no one, not even God, can do it on your behalf.



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