Vision of a Sage

It was many moons ago, the exact date, the exact year I can no longer recall.  Yet, with such moments time truly does not factor in.  When we step into Sacred Time itself, how can our mere mortal calculation capture it?  How can that which is time bound capture that which is infinity itself?

My room, a small modest abode.  Not modest in an attempt to be humble.  Modest for lack of space to be luxurious.  

Was it a dream, or did I see it in reality?  

Such questions the mind will throw.  Yet, is not our waking world unreal for our dream family?

What I was doing right up to the meeting I cannot remember.   Yet, for some reason or another I felt the urge to go back to my room.  

And there He was.  Standing right before my door was Bhagavan Himself, Shiva Himself, the embodiment of perfect Silence.  

Walking cane in hand and dress solely in His humble loincloth I stood before Him speechless.  

What words exist to capture such a sensation?  

Awe.  Surprise.  Fear.  Anxiety.  Bliss.  Joy.  Peace.  Tranquility…

The list stretches to limits of language itself.  

How long I stood in a state of total awe I cannot say.  A mere moment or an eternity, makes no difference.  

But suddenly the mind kicked in; racing to figure out what to do.  “Bhagavan….my room is not ready to receive you…”  “What do I bring Him?  How do I receive Him?”

Such thoughts cycled in fury as the beloved Bhagavan merely looked upon me with an indescribable look of compassion and love. 

Finally the mind began to settle and the thought came: “before I do anything let me at least touch His holy feet and pay my respect.”   

With folded hands I began to prostrate myself.  

It was at that moment that Bhagavan, in the most gentle of ways, reached out and stopped me.  With wordless speech He looked upon me and spoke in His native tongue of Silence: “you need not bow to me…you and I are no difference… “  pointing to my bed Bhagavan continued; “come…sit with me.”

Sitting together on a small bed, we began to communicate.  Not about grand mystical theories and the nature of reality, but we simply spoke like one would in reuniting with a family member that has not been seen for many years.

How long that lasted becomes irrelevant.  

One moment I was sitting with Bhagavan, the next, although still sitting with Bhagavan, I was sitting alone.  




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