Motivation and the Self

Questioner: How do you motivate yourself to do activities like study/ working out etc? These matter less and less for me so I have a hard time having any reason to do them anymore.

Agnisattva:  In the highest conception, “you” never do or have done anything.  All activities, from the most grand and dynamic to the most simple and mundane have all been done before the Presence that “you are.”  

Yet, as Lord Krishna speaks in the Gita:

“…there is no work prescribed for Me within all the three planetary systems. Nor am I in want of anything, nor have I need to obtain anything—and yet I am engaged in work.”  

What is important to keep in mind is that the Self that you are is in no need of motivation or encouragement: such need is for the body-mind only.   Continue reading “Motivation and the Self”