Motivation and the Self

Questioner: How do you motivate yourself to do activities like study/ working out etc? These matter less and less for me so I have a hard time having any reason to do them anymore.

Agnisattva:  In the highest conception, “you” never do or have done anything.  All activities, from the most grand and dynamic to the most simple and mundane have all been done before the Presence that “you are.”  

Yet, as Lord Krishna speaks in the Gita:

“…there is no work prescribed for Me within all the three planetary systems. Nor am I in want of anything, nor have I need to obtain anything—and yet I am engaged in work.”  

What is important to keep in mind is that the Self that you are is in no need of motivation or encouragement: such need is for the body-mind only.  

With all this being said, the important aspect is to investigate where you are speaking from.  For it is natural that as one rests more in their natural state of being for the urge to engage in external activities to diminish.  Yet, this diminishing is not because the body-mind need not engage in certain activities, but because one is seeing more from one’s true place: that place which is always free from action and inaction.  

If one truly feels within the heart that certain motivation for actions have fallen away, such feeling are to be honored.  

Yet, the trick here is to be able to distinguish.  For the ego-mind will use this as an excuse to avoid doing what needs to be done.  And this will simply lead to laziness and sloth.  

If you feel that it is this ego-mind that is manifesting the lack of motivation then you need to push through and forcefully put yourself through that which you lack motivation to do.  

There is no easy way about this one.  If you sense that this lack of motivation is coming from the mind using spiritual truism to avoid engaging in certain activities, then the way to fight this is to push through and engage in those very activities.  

Yet, if you feel that this decrease in motivation is a true outcropping of your inner maturity than merely stay and abide with that.  In time the body will naturally begin to move and feel motivated when the time for its movement comes on its own accord.  

Questioner: Alright thanks this helped. It’s definitely just the mind coming with ideas like: ‘It’s bad going to the gym because it can’t give me happiness’ etc, just nonsense.  I will keep doing what needs to be done




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