Cycle of Birth and Death

Reincarnation is a common belief in Eastern philosophy that is becoming more and more accepted within the Western world. Is there any validity to such a belief?

Somehow we find ourselves living in a world, we find ourselves having a particular body in a particular culture, living among countless other beings.  Some we know, most we do not.  We look up in at the sky and realize that this universe is wider and more vast than we ever even imaged, and in the midst of all that a question arises within the being; “why am I here?”  The fact of the matter is that all of the philosophies that has been spewed out throughout the centuries are geared at one thing and one thing only; trying to help justify why “I” exist.  We need a justification for the simple reason that humans do not feel connected to life, we do not intrinsically feel one with life, but feel that somehow “I” have been thrown into this thing called life and now “I” need to either figure out what it is or why “I” am here.  No other creature on this planet needs a justification for its existence but humans.   Continue reading “Cycle of Birth and Death”


The Projected Universe

It is commonly said that this world is merely a projection of the mind, that the entire manifest universe is simply a projection. Is there any validity in such a statement?

Any answer given to such questions, unless verified via direct experience, is simply going to fall within the category of belief and doctrine.  When looking at the world through the limited vehicle that is a human body, there will always be information and understandings that are simply out of reach from where our current level of evolution (from the perspective of a species as a whole) has reached.  We simply our not yet equipped to comprehend certain aspects of our universe, and although as a collective species we have made tremendous strides within the field of understanding the manifest universe, its origins and our place in it as creators still lies at the end of where our human intellect can comprehend. Continue reading “The Projected Universe”

Be Still and Know

Be still, and know that I am God. ~Psalm 46:10


God is not known in action, although it is in action where He is manifested.

God is not known in the world, although it is in the world where He plays.

God is not known in another, although it is in another that He is seen.

God is not found in books or scriptures, although it is these very books and scriptures that inspire our search for Him.

God need not be found, because God is the One that is looking. Continue reading “Be Still and Know”

The Initiation of the Staff

The staff is not just a commodity, or an aspect of a costume, the staff is the expression of the ascension into the hall of God-hood.  Ascension into the summit of one’s own very self.  To carry the staff without this “initiation” is to simply be mimicking the ancient masters without ever really looking into what it was they were doing.  The outer representation is not always a direct mirror to the inner realm of “Self.”

moses_red_seaInitiation into “the staff” is an initiation that is bestowed upon the individual by “God Himself.” Continue reading “The Initiation of the Staff”

The Witness of Fear

Questioner: This moment , I find myself in the park , quiet day. Then , there is this feeling of being overwhelmed with fear , as if being in a dream , knowing it’s a dream , yet unable to awaken from it. Does this experience point to anything of importance?

Agnisattva: To truly allow ourselves to be just here, to truly allow ourselves to be just now, will always be fearful to that which is unreal. Yet, this fear, no matter how overwhelming it may be, is this very fear not also something that is witnessed? That which is aware of this very fear, is that awareness itself fearful?

That which is aware of its inability to awaken from the dream is that which is unable to. The one seeking awakening is not the one that will awaken.  For to “awaken” is to see this inner voice for what it is: a mere thought. Continue reading “The Witness of Fear”