The Witness of Fear

Questioner: This moment , I find myself in the park , quiet day. Then , there is this feeling of being overwhelmed with fear , as if being in a dream , knowing it’s a dream , yet unable to awaken from it. Does this experience point to anything of importance?

Agnisattva: To truly allow ourselves to be just here, to truly allow ourselves to be just now, will always be fearful to that which is unreal. Yet, this fear, no matter how overwhelming it may be, is this very fear not also something that is witnessed? That which is aware of this very fear, is that awareness itself fearful?

That which is aware of its inability to awaken from the dream is that which is unable to. The one seeking awakening is not the one that will awaken.  For to “awaken” is to see this inner voice for what it is: a mere thought.

Such experiences are important only to That which is seeking. Yet, are you not that which is aware of and prior to even this experience?
Focus not so much on the experiences that may come, but on that which is the witness of them.

Questioner: No , the witness isn’t fearful. There seems to be one watching the other.

Agnisattva: And where are you in all this? Where is the “I” sense? In the mind? In the experience? In the witness?

Questioner: In the experience.

Agnisattva: If it’s in the experience, did you not exist prior to this experience? Are you going to disappear when this experience passes?

Questioner: No. There is someone , or something that was before the experience arose , and is still here now. But to say that I am This , the one witnessing all , would be a lie. I don’t believe it. Can’t fathom it or understand it.

Agnisattva: The one who says “I am this” and the one who feels it’s a lie is merely a thought in the mind and both can be discarded. That unfathomable presence, the unspeakable Silence needs not address it, needs not declare what it is for there is nothing second to IT. The one who can’t believe it, or understand it is witnessed in IT.  

Being that you take yourself to be a mere droplet of water, you miss yourself as the ocean itself.

The one asking the questions will not get it, and cannot get it, that which is witnessing the questions and answers themselves is already IT.

Questioner: So I am prior to the dreamer and the dream. …

Agnisattva: You are That in which the dream and dreamer appear…



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