The Initiation of the Staff

The staff is not just a commodity, or an aspect of a costume, the staff is the expression of the ascension into the hall of God-hood.  Ascension into the summit of one’s own very self.  To carry the staff without this “initiation” is to simply be mimicking the ancient masters without ever really looking into what it was they were doing.  The outer representation is not always a direct mirror to the inner realm of “Self.”

moses_red_seaInitiation into “the staff” is an initiation that is bestowed upon the individual by “God Himself.”

Spirituality, as experienced in the “everyday” sense, is not divorced from “commercialism.”  Robes, prayers beads etc, become something that is marketed in such a way that it seems that without certain items one cannot truly be “spiritual.” So it is very easy to buy into certain things without ever looking into the reason behind the items in the first place.   With regards to the Staff, why do so many people within a spiritual environment feel attracted to one?  What is it about a stick that is attracting?  Because essentially the staff is nothing more than a large piece of wood, yet nevertheless some are willing to pay top dollar for one.  Why?

The Staff represents something.  And, more than the Staff itself, it is what the Staff represents that is appealing to many.  The Staff represents ascension.  Ascending into the depth of the soul to fully merge into the Divine essence that lies at the heart of every being.  Traditionally, in the course of a seekers spiritual journey, they will find themselves face to face with a Holy Mountain.  And the journey to climb this mountain, which represents the urge to return Home, is taken under way.  Yet, this journey isn’t an easy one, for the climb upwards is not without its difficulties.  Yet, within these difficulties God provides a little aid.  The Staff.  The walking stick.  A tool to help one on his/her journey.

The Staff makes its self available for the seeker at the exact moment that it is truly needed.  The aid appears exactly at the point where the inner power no longer seems strong enough to move forward of its own accord.  At that exact moment the inner power projects itself outward as the Staff.  For the power to not move forward is only an illusion, yet so powerful an illusion many have fell victim to it and have “turned back” on their path,

Why is the Staff so attracting?  Because those who have mastered it and have returned to the “everyday world” seem to carry an air of wisdom, a knowing that all of us yearn for, for this knowing is our very birth right.  Yet, it can become all too easy to just wish to “buy” a staff and mimic a “mystic” for the reason that we all too often confuse the outer appearances with the inner mastery.

The “Staff” will come when needed. not before.  For not all “need” this projected from of inner power.  Until then, the road is still open and the road is still yours to travel.

Move onward… Move inwards…


Connecticut 2015

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