Be Still and Know

Be still, and know that I am God. ~Psalm 46:10


God is not known in action, although it is in action where He is manifested.

God is not known in the world, although it is in the world where He plays.

God is not known in another, although it is in another that He is seen.

God is not found in books or scriptures, although it is these very books and scriptures that inspire our search for Him.

God need not be found, because God is the One that is looking.

“Be still and know that I Am God…”

be still and know that “I Am”

The sense we all have within us of our own innate existence, that sense that was never taught to any of us, that sense that was not given to us by any one but of its own accord arose naturally within our hearts, that inner sense that allows us to recognize ourselves as existing, that very sense itself is the Divine Source.  That very sense is God.

But it cannot be known intellectually, because intellectual knowledge will not help us.  Just knowing isn’t enough.  Knowing is in the way.

Be Still.  

This is our problem that we do not want to be still.  Even during meditation our minds continually run about.  We contemplate.  We  try to work through koans and riddles and try to attain answers to questions yet,the inner voice is simply suggesting:

Be Still.

Be Still and Know, not know and be still but, be still first.  Not a literal stillness where we spend all of our time in a lotus posture, but an ontological stillness.  A stillness where we are no longer trying to get an answer to any particular question but we are simply still. Not seeking for God.  Not not seeking for God.  All this gets placed on hold.  We just are still. In the midst of our lives we allow ourselves to be still.  To not always be reactionary.  Since 99% of all our actions our governed by a reaction to something.  Someone said something, we get angry.  Someone did something, we are happy.  Solely reacting.

Yet, Be Still.  Observing.  Observing the world, observing ourselves observing the world. Simply watching that sense within us.  Simply watching our “I Am.” Not an active watching, but a simple watching.  Clouds form against the majestic sky, no need to actively watch them, simply Be.  No need to force anything to happen, just Be Still.  

And within these simple words, all is revealed.  Because in these simple words you begin to stop seeking for that which is right in front of you.  Nothing is being gained, because nothing is lost.  Be Still and Know.  What you are searching for is what is searching.  How can you find this out?



and Know that…






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