Life Without Meaning

Life has no meaning

When we hear this phrase, what passes through our minds? We usually do not like to hear these sorts of statements. These statements are usually uttered by people who have reached the lowest points in their lives, or by someone who just has an overall negative view of life. We equate such utterances with depression, because in truth the idea of a meaningless life frightens us.  Which is why we spend so much time and energy looking for meaning in our lives. Friends, work, parties, anything to give us a sense of meaning and purpose.  But as we all soon discover, there is a point where none of it seems to work anymore. Continue reading “Life Without Meaning”


Running from the Gallows

Questioner: Hello, what is your schedule tomorrow? Would it be possible to meet?


Agnisattva: Yes, we can meet, let’s schedule a time.


*After times have been agreed upon *


Questioner: Unfortunately something came up, but let’s stay in touch.


Agnisattva: No worries. Blessing to you


*Another Day*


Questioner: Namaste my friend. I pray all is well. Are you busy today?


Agnisattva: All should be pretty clear today. Continue reading “Running from the Gallows”