Running from the Gallows

Questioner: Hello, what is your schedule tomorrow? Would it be possible to meet?


Agnisattva: Yes, we can meet, let’s schedule a time.


*After times have been agreed upon *


Questioner: Unfortunately something came up, but let’s stay in touch.


Agnisattva: No worries. Blessing to you


*Another Day*


Questioner: Namaste my friend. I pray all is well. Are you busy today?


Agnisattva: All should be pretty clear today.


Questioner: When would be a good time to meet?


Agnisattva: 1 or 2 pm


Questioner: Good. I will text you when I arrive.


*later that morning*


Questioner: I must apologize , but that will be a little late for me. That , and being out roaming the city for so long.  Hopefully , one day we will be able to meet again. Thank you.


Agnisattva: If Sri Ramana Maharshi. If Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. If Sri Anandamayi Ma were still in physical form and you had the opportunity to be with them,  would you go?


Questioner: Yes...


Agnisattva: You say yes so quickly because you know in physical form they are not, and a Master not in physical form doesn’t carry the same weight, doesn’t threaten the ego-mind in the same way. Yet, is not That which you honor and respect in these great Masters what is communicating with you now?  Is not that same Self in all the beings that the world has elevated what is speaking with you now?  That which you are speaking to is none other than yourself.  Yet, you refuse to believe this and I am here to remind you of it.  You run away from these meetings because the mind knows in such a meeting it will have little chance to hide, little chance to stay in control.  Be weary of this voice, be weary of this constant urge to run.  For to run is only to keep yourself a self made prisoner to your own mind.  



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