Life Without Meaning

Life has no meaning

When we hear this phrase, what passes through our minds? We usually do not like to hear these sorts of statements. These statements are usually uttered by people who have reached the lowest points in their lives, or by someone who just has an overall negative view of life. We equate such utterances with depression, because in truth the idea of a meaningless life frightens us.  Which is why we spend so much time and energy looking for meaning in our lives. Friends, work, parties, anything to give us a sense of meaning and purpose.  But as we all soon discover, there is a point where none of it seems to work anymore.

The activities that gave us so much pleasure and enjoyment no longer has the same pull on us.  Friends come and go, jobs come and go, and families sometimes fall apart, or new ones are formed.  And within this dance of life, something still feels lacking.  The sense of meaning and purpose still feels unfulfilled.  It is at this point where many turn to some sort of spiritual practice.  Whether it be the tradition they were born into, or something from another culture entirely.  It comes from a recognition that true meaning and fulfillment is not something to be found in the external world of name, form and ideas. So, by looking within, maybe there we will find that meaning we so long for.

But, there comes a point where even this search for meaning within, loses its force and pull.  Maybe after years and years of spiritual practice and discipline we come to a point of more peace and relaxation within ourselves, but still the question remains,

“but what is the meaning to all this?”

Here we are, having done everything in our power to find fulfillment.  We did all the worldly stuff.  And we even did all of the spiritual stuff.  We have dedicated so much time and energy and there still comes a point where we are left with a pressing question that seems lodge in the very heart of our being.

But the good news, the great news is that Life has no meaning whatsoever.  When we hear that we think, “that cannot be. What a depressing outlook on life. Why even bother then?” That attitude misses the whole point.  For most people when they hear that life has no meaning they understand it in a negative way.  Well, that is still giving it some type of meaning.  A negative one, as opposed to a positive one, or even a neutral one.  What I am saying is that life has no meaning outside of anything negative, positive or neutral.  Why?  Because Life is not an idea that needs understanding.  Life is not a thing to figure out, give meaning to, and write it off as the next bestselling book.

Life just is

If we give a positive meaning to life, Life still is.  If we have a negative view on life, Life still is.  If we never even bothered to question what all this is about, Life still is.  Life does not need a meaning from you for it to function.  It is expressing itself perfectly amidst of all our searching and thinking about it.  So, once we stop projecting our meaning onto life, projecting how we want life to be, we will begin to experience life and flow with it, as it is, not as we want it to be.

And when we really look into it, it is an immensely beautiful thing that there is no meaning.  That there is nothing fixed in Life.  Then we can flow with it, sing with it, cry with it, and fully allow ourselves to merge with it.  Because as long as we are trying to define our lives we miss our lives.  Life is the greatest of mysteries.  It is not a mystery to be solved or a question to be answered.  It is to be lived.  Do not know your answer to Life.  Be your answer to Life.

Is Life so unbearable that only with a sense a purpose we can live it?  By giving Life a sense of meaning, by giving ourselves a sense of purpose what we are actually doing is suffocating ourselves.  We are limiting ourselves to the mere constraints of what our limited minds can conceive.  And what you truly are is greater than that.  For what you are is not separate from That.

You do not need to define Life.  Life has no definition.  Free yourself from the urge to box yourself within the world of idea and concept and set yourself free.



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