Meeting Hanuman. Meeting Love

“…you don’t want to be a sannyasin, you just want to be happy.”

Little did I know at the time, these words would have an affect on me that only months later I would begin to notice.

But, let’s not jump to end.  As with many stories it’s best to start at the beginning:

I didn’t know what to expect or why I was so excited about the idea of the event—being that I didn’t know who the speaker was or what the topic was about—the only thing I heard was the Krishna Das was suppose to be there (even though his name was not on the event flyer).  And being that many hours of my life have been spent listening to his music I thought it would be worth the attempt to show up,  although I was skeptical of that information.
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Forget about Awakening-Love yourself

Questioner: Good morning my friend. I pray all is well. All good here, though I must admit I’ve been finding myself, once again, on the verge of spiritual despair. I’m still longing for that Truth to be a direct experience- not something read in some book.

Agnisattva: You are not looking for an experience, you are simply looking for happiness. To be happy, you most begin to be happy with yourself. To not hate yourself or to try to run away from yourself , but to make peace with yourself. Spiritual experience are meaningless cause that’s not what’s being searched for. If an experience happened and you were still miserable, you wouldn’t even care for it. Continue reading “Forget about Awakening-Love yourself”