Dropping the need to Know

Questioner: Hey how’s it going?  Ok so I’ve been doing some inquiry and I’m just not convinced on the “I’m not the body and mind” and I feel like that’s holding me back from progressing.  Now individually I can say, “I’m” not the body, I know the body is of itself and runs itself, individually I can even say I know “I” am not my thoughts, since “I” don’t really control my thoughts.  I don’t control what thoughts appear and disappear.  But with all that, I’m just thinking why can’t “I” be the sum of all of that?

Agnisattva: Good question. There is a Buddhist perspective that what we are is simply a combination of the five aggregates and there is no permanent existing self.

Hence, Buddhist meditation and inquiry is geared at discovering this “no-self” and therefore have an understanding and experience of  “the void” or “emptiness.”  The hindu view (advaita vedanta) states that there is a permanent everlasting presences called the Self that is always there for it is aware of all the changes of the world itself being unchanged.  Neither perspective truly matters.   

It seems that you continue to allow your rational mind to guide your inquiry, and wish to have all this make sense to you.  Yet, how can this universe, in all its complexities, make sense to our feeble human minds?  To truly begin to crack this open let me recommend dropping the need to figure this all out.  Simply allow yourself to rest within your Silence. Continue reading “Dropping the need to Know”


The Saint Next Door

A dream I had:

 At the house next to mine, sitting on the stoop outside was Maharaj-ji (Neem Karoli Baba). I make my way up to him and with folded hands say: “thank you.” A Thank you that was filled with great reverence and love.
Maharaj-ji looks at me and in the most nonchalant of ways says to me: “dwell in silence, have no worries, and remember love.”

As I lower my head trying to maybe have a mere touch of the Master’s feet he adds with a shooing motion of his hands: ” now go away…”