The Snare of Absolute Non-duality.

Agnisattva: The search for God truly begins when we realized how blessed our life already is, when we realized how much of God’s love and blessings have already been given to us. Then we search for God not from a place of lacking, but to give our unconditional gratitude.

Questioner: But whom/what is searching for God and why when “you already are what you’re seeking”?

Agnisattva: Because that’s how this game of Life goes.  If you truly grasped the profundity of what you are trying to ask then in that instant the answer is revealed.  This is not something the mind can grasp.  And subtle word play will get you nowhere.  You search for God because, as God, that is what God enjoys to do.  A Divine game of hide-and-seek.  You search for God, because as God, you see yourself as not God.  You search for what you are for you are both what you are searching for, and not.

Beyond the dichotomy of both.

Questioner:  Yes, “always already just this is it” so why bother searching anymore?  It’s All God (Self, Buddha, etc.) looking is only an act of vanity, albeit still God.


Agnisattva  Because understanding this with the mind is one thing.  Being the living proof of it is another.  The mind will tell you these things because it wants to trick you in allowing it to remain in control by playing with clever philosophical ideas.  The question you must look at now is: is that voice which is saying this, is it a true voice?

For is God saying this?  Does That unspeakable Truth need to say such things?

Another point: 

If everything is already just as it is, then why is the problem with seeking?  Is not seeking also a part of what already is?

We can play the philosophy game till kingdom come, but if your yearning for Truth is sincere, then mental games will not be satisfying.  Be the living Proof of what you say.


Questioner:  But you miss my point and you speak as if more knowledge than what “already is” can somehow be contrived and used for “future” actualization…when there is no future and no “me” that can contrive any perception anyway!  Always Only just “now”.

Agnisattva: Who can say there’s no “me?”  Who can say there is “no future?”

You’re defending pure non duality solely from the perspective of dualism.  


Questioner:  Yes, we all know that words aren’t it!  But, there is only the eternal “now” moment and no choice about any of it!

Agnisattva:  This is an important investigation. You say there’s no “me” yet, who’s typing these words?  Is it not a single individual doing so?  You have a Facebook account with a particular name, and using a particular picture all designating a particular “M.”(name omitted)   Is not this entire effort you are doing against the very notion you are trying to convey?

If no “me” who are you talking to?  And for what?  Is not to show that the “not me” that you claim to be has it more “right?”


Questioner: Who knows and why write a book about any of it? Lol


Agnisattva: Why comment on anything then?


Questioner: Don’t know what you’re talking about


Agnisattva: 🤗



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