Agnisattva is a modern day mystic who shares the Divine Fragrance of God (Truth) and experiential wisdom for all who are willing and open to receive. The term Agnisatva is a break down of two Sanskrit words. (Agni + Sattva) “Agni” can be translated as “fire” whereas “Sattva” can be translated as “being” or “of the essence of.” Agnisattva, therefore, can be translated as; “of the essence of Fire”

Fire represents that principle which will burn everything that is untrue within the being. There is no conventional system of spiritual teachings to be presented, whatever needs to be addressed for the layers of false identification to be seen through (the body-mind construct) is what will be addressed. Agnisattva does not cater to nor tries in any way shape or form to protect in “you” any sense of this “body-mind construct” for the simple reason that doing so will only hindered and continue to keep “you” seemingly bound to this level of identification.

For those who are willing and ready to see through everything that is untrue within them, even if that process may be, and often times is, painful and difficult (for what “Agni” is doing is removing from “you” everything that does not want to be seen through) then here is where you are to continue your investigations of the true nature of your being.  For too many have spent far too much time running away, hiding, and protecting their false sense of self under the guise of pseudo spirituality and teachings that instead of helping one penetrate the depths of one’s very being, only strengthen and reinforce that principle within which is the very cause of all human suffering and misery.

This “space” is presented as a means to help those who are willing once and for all to see through these layers of false identification so that “true” “actual” growth and maturity can begin to take place within the being.

Till this first layer of false identification is seen through, everything that is done within the spiritual scope is actually keeping “you” exactly where “you” are under the false assumption that growth is taking place.  For those who are willing and ready to stop this cycle and get to the heart of the truth of “your” being