“…I can only show you the door.

You’re the one that has to walk through it…”

For those who truly wish to know the “Truth” there is no turning back, for once this inner call has made itself known, the only response to it will be its fruition.

Of the myriad ways one can live out this earthly incarnation those who are called to seek inwards, that is, those who feel drawn to seek out answers beyond what this earthly realm has provided for us, are walking a lone path.  For although there are many who are seemingly walking a path towards spiritual evolution and freedom, in actuality most (if not nearly all) are actually looking for an escape system from their day to day lives.  While others are simply looking for a “spiritual high.”

Yet, the fault lies not solely with the aspirants, for most if not all spiritual aspirants (although sincere)  simply do not know what it is they are truly looking for.  Hence, it has become increasingly easier for them to fall victim to the vast pseudo spirituality that has plagued the western world.   Not being able to discern between “true” spirituality and “pseudo” spirituality, no true growth can take place.  Once again the fault here lies in the sad fact that there exist all but a tiny few who have truly grasped and have merged themselves fully into the “Divine Essence” that can only be described as “God” for lack of a better term.

There exist many out there who have seen through but a small piece of what can be known as the “ego-mind construct” who have placed themselves on thrones and high chairs assuming that they are now able to guide the many who sincerely seek their guidance in this path towards “God-realization.”  Not knowing that this “ego-mind construct” is just a small part of the vast fragmented prism of false identification that is plaguing the being.   Yet, being that the vast literature found in the Western world on the subject of “God-realization” only speaks to the destruction of the “ego-mind construct” those who have seen through this level of false identification may fall under the trap of thinking that their search for complete unification has been completed without ever taking the time to realize that this stage in the process is truly the beginning stages for any real maturing and stabilization on this path.

For those who may have any questions or comments along their journey can contact Agnisattva directly